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Denture Services


Give yourself a greater quality of life and a new confidence in yourself.


We create beautiful natural smiles & happy satisfied patients.


Take back the ability to eat & chew with confidence.

Denture Stabilisation

Denture Services

Creating Beautiful Smiles!

Here at KDC we offer a unique service to patients who are having problems with their dentures. Using advanced technologies we can:

  • Create great, natural-looking, comfortable dentures OR totally replace the dentures with fixed teeth options.

Whichever option our patients chose, the result will be a great set of teeth which will give.

  • Confidence in smiling – we always produce great looking, natural smiles.
  • Confidence in eating – biting apples, eating a full range of foods again is also so important for a healthy body
  • Confidence in talking and social interaction – so important for a happy & complete life.

Our Mission Statement

We go beyond the ordinary to give our patients a uniquely personal service and the very best that modern dentistry has to offer.”

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